Post-election news roundup

GreenSaintPaul Press Release: Green Party Awaits Final Results in Ward 2 and Posts Impressive Results in Wards 1 and 6

"During the 2011 campaign, the Green Party candidates for St. Paul City Council took their message to the people in Wards 1, 2 and 6 with impressive results against their established DFL incumbents"


MPR: Ranked-choice election leads to recount in St. Paul ward

"Green party candidate Jim Ivey is Thune's strongest opposition, with 1,400 first place votes -- about 26 percent of the first round of results. Bill Hosko is third, with about 25 percent. "


Star Tribune: Ranked voting gets first runoff test

"The election marked the first use of ranked voting in St. Paul. The switch went off smoothly by all accounts. A big test, however, comes Monday when Ramsey County Elections Director Joe Mansky's office will begin counting the second-place votes of the bottom three finishers: Sharon Anderson, Cynthia P. Schanno and the write-in candidates. Their second-choice votes will be redistributed to the top three candidates, one of whom will eventually be dropped."


MinnPost: One St. Paul incumbent ousted; another awaits Round 2 of IRV

"Another apparent winner in the election: the Ranked Choice system. Ramsey County Elections Manager Joe Manksy was seen grinning from ear to ear while talking with election judges around town."


TC Daily Planet: Ranked Choice voting will decide Ward 2; Brendmoen edges out incumbent Helgen in Ward 5

In the closest race in St. Paul, incumbent Dave Thune garnered 1880 votes or 38.13 percent of the vote in the Second Ward, which is not a clear victory.

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